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Harambee Ministers Fellowship
An Apostolic Covering for Sons and Daughters of Destiny

Dear Person of Destiny:

"...Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do..." (1 Chronicles 12:32)

The "winds of change" are blowing across the land - will you be a part of it?

Change - to alter a pattern; to exchange for, or replace by another; to put fresh clothes and coverings on; to substitute and abandon for another; to transfer from one entity to another.

The "winds of change" are taking place in church governments, denominations, organizations and fellowships across the country. God through His Spirit is:
_ Altering the old regime and its patterns,
_ Altering all codes and protocol toward a new one,
_ Exchanging and replacing old leaders and old leadership models, and
_ Raising the standards of new leaders, who walk by a new set of orders from the Commander-in-Chief.

Having this understanding will bring clarity and will help explain the "change" going on throughout the land. Not only must you agree to obey the Lord's instructions, but you must be ready, willing, and able to flow with the new "move." Change is not easy, but it is possible, and always comes with a purpose.

Harambee (Swahili-United) Ministers Fellowship (HMF) is a result of "Change" brought forth by a "wind" of God.

HMF is a synergistic, fraternal fellowship of Christian churches and ministries which recognize the need for accountability, fellowship and resource.

HMF is not a denomination and does not intend to become one. HMF is a fellowship of ministry leaders and pastors who meet for the purpose of strengthening and networking among themselves.

I do understand that this move of God is not for everyone, but I pray you will inquire of the Lord about you being "joined" to this covering and connected through covenant relationship with other "Sons and Daughters of Destiny."

Remember: Change will be different from where you are now, so expect it!

Your servant in the Kingdom,
Bishop Alan G. Porter
Harambee Ministers Fellowship
P.O. Box 5952
Capital Heights, MD 20791